Moroccan Bath

Moroccan bath

Moroccan Bath -popularly known as Hamam Maghrabi in Kuwait

What would a person need after a long and tiring week at office and hot and dusty weather outside? I would personally recommend the most comfortable way of relaxing  for a woman  is  a Moroccan bath followed by a luxurious massage. It makes you feel Royally pampered to the core.


Moroccan bath is the preferred method used by women and men to take care of their health and comfort, Moroccan bath hand therapeutic benefit for the body, face and hair is useful both to remove the dead cells of the skin and lighten the skin and is very necessary for the bride and groom.


A Moroccan bath usually refines skins elasticity and clarity, refines skin texture by removing dead skin layers. Moroccan bath followed by a luxurious massage is the best way to pamper oneself. Under hair care Treatments:

– Improves skin elasticity and clarity.
– It works as an anti-ageing procedure.
– Balances oil secretion in the skin and controls acne.
– Refines skin texture by removing dead skin layers.
– Rehydrates skin and soothes redness and flakiness.
– Improves the skin color, removes tan etc.
– Increased physical and emotional detox.
– Nourishing skin with vitamins and minerals.
– Enhanced deep relaxation and rejuvenation.
– Reduces stress and anxiety.

We are the only privileged using the Moroccan method with the use of pure natural herbs with Arab Technical Surveyor.