Slimming Body:

Fitness is a gift from God, a natural requirement of every human being wants to acquire a sense of health, vitality and self-confidence and desire to deal with the community. And the loss of all these features in the obese have a definitely negative effects on the psychological, scientific and organic lot. And obesity is the accumulation of excessive amounts of fat in the body, since each of us reserves of natural fat, and this percentage is estimated at about 20% of the weight of a man’s body and about 30% of the weight of a woman’s body. If the proportion of fat stored on these ratios were wounded man with obesity. But (Beauty Tech) for obesity lookout We have all means for the Elimination of technological devices, drugs, creams and others. Moreover, we have a stylish and ideal in the treatment of body
aches all the different shapes affordable rates makes us highly favorite.

Slimming Beautytek System

working to increase in the rate of fat burning and tight skin to increase collagen protein and tight chest, remove the contouring around the chest, breast lift normally by 2-4 cm during the first session without surgery.

Abdomen :
working to increase in the rate of fat burning and tight skin and the increase in tension muscle belly, burn fat at the abdominal area and disposed of with sweat and out tummy tuck abdominal lower by increasing the amount of protein collagen in the skin, activate cells, increase blood circulation and the high rate of metabolism, treatment of sagging skin resulting from surgical procedures.

works to tighten the rear and increase the rate of fat burning in the buttocks, burn fat at the buttocks, tummy tuck the bottom of the rear of increasing the proportion of collagen protein.

Works to increase in the rate of fat burning and tight skin to increase collagen protein, increase the rate of fat burning, remove the contouring without surgery.

Special treatments:

• Acne: works to hide quite gradually.
• Scars: Works on the reunification of tissue in terms of form and color.
• Relaxation and treatment of headaches

Slimming – VIP Device

is one of the world bodies used in all over the world to strengthen the muscles in order to treat fat by increasing energy needs and convert these fats to energy – the rapid elimination of liquids in the region headlights of the abdomen – quick results of the tensile strength of the abdomen and rapid loss of 3 to 5 cm during the session first by not exceeding 30 minutes, which gives an effort equivalent to 5 hours – the possibility of topical use them tighten the top or bottom of the Parties or abdomen or chest or buttocks – muscle tension and increase muscle Systolic.

Slimming – Lipo Line Device

Techniques that improve body shape and the disposal of solid fats permanently without side effects and without the risks of surgery this device works by ultrasound, which helps break down fat and facilitate its exit of the body naturally and safe device works just as effectively in the following cases:
• Get rid of layers of solid fats.
• Treatment of cellulite and fat surface.
• Smoothness and freshness of the skin and get rid of the cracks and marks in the skin.
• Tighten the skin and get rid of the contouring.

Slimming – Mesotheraphy Techniques

To lose weight & Treat contouring tight body
The latest trends in the world of beauty skin, body, and that in order to obtain therapeutic results desired reducing weight in certain places, and the renewal of skin cells to restore freshness, youth, and treatment of cellulite and improve the external appearance of the body, an injection of a small and very precise non painful, given under the skin surface and contain different materials and structures may be extracted from plant or food supplements or vitamins or enzymes or amino acids and nutrients and metal. The idea to use on the theory that this combination of substances lead to melt the fat content under the skin and shrink fat cells.