Keratin & Coligen

Keratin & Coli-gen

Brands today have come a long way from being mere logos that helped identify one brand from the other. Brands today are increasingly becoming deeply ingrained into the consumers’ beliefs and behaviors. It is no longer about just selling products and services but about being relevant to the consumers’ lives and talking to them in a way that truly engages them.

Brand Creation starts with Brand Naming – the process of selecting a name which not only connotes the core of the brand and at the same tiime, is easy to remember.


At BD – Brand Design, we use our proprietary Brand Core model to root the brand strongly in consumer truths. We believe that a brand’s strategy draws from the business strategy and informs what it stands for in the market. Our Brand Core construct is at the cusp of category gaps, consumer opportunity and the company/brand’s strengths.


The Brand Core then defines the Brand Essence which is the soul of the brand and articulates the emotional hook that draws in the stakeholders. Once the brand has been defined at a functional and emotional level, we create an additional layer of brand personality. This truly helps to define a brand in an extremely differentiated and sharp manner in the market.


Launching a brand in the market involves targeting a specific TG and communicating with the customers in a relevant manner. BD helps orchestrate findings from Market Analysis and Market Research to derive a Brand Communications Strategy.